FAQ Pregnancy & Post-Natal

FAQ’s Pregnancy Fitness


  • When can I start exercising?

    As long as your doctor is aware that you are exercising you can begin Pilates at the studio anytime through out your pregnancy.
  • I have not not practiced Pilates before. Is it okay that I start Pilates now that I am pregnant?

    Yes, we welcome beginners, even if you are pregnant.  Always clear it with your health care provider before beginning any exercise while pregnant.  But we welcome you and your growing little one.  We suggest that you try our Introductory Private Special $149.00 for three privates plus a pre and post natal class.  During the first session we will conduct a brief intake to learn where you are at and what your concerns are.  Next we will come up with a plan to keep you strong and fit for the birth of your baby.  If the Private Intro Special does not sound right to you that’s okay. But if you can swing it it’s a great way to give yourself some TLC during your pregnancy.  It also makes a great gift for baby showers! 
  • What is your training for pregnancy fitness?

    All of our instructors are trained through The Center of Women’s Fitness by Carolyne Anthony.  She has a comprehensive training program.  We know what to focus on and what to avoid so that you can stay fit and have a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • What is a pregnancy appointment or class like?

    We teach you Pilates exercises on all of the Pilates equipment.  We focus on strengthening your hips, legs, arms and back.  Additionally, we pay special attention to your core and pelvic floor.  We focus on helping you avoid the common aches and pains in pregnancy such as low back pain, groin/hip pain, mid-back and neck pain.   In privates you get our undivided attention and we max out our classes at 5 students so we always keep an eye on you.
  • I have a friend who is also pregnant can we work out together?

    Working out with another partner/friend is a great way to stay motivated. We offer pregnancy and post-natal semi-privates. Check out our Semi-private Intro Special here to get started. 


FAQ’s Post-Natal Fitness


  • When can I start or when can I return?

    As soon as you have clearance from your doctor you can join us.  This is usually somewhere between 4-8 weeks.  We consider you post-natal until 12 months after the birth of your baby.  
  • My birth was pretty gnarly. How do I start back?

    Birth is definitely something that is generally out of our control.  We are here to support you in your recovery.  Each birth is different and individual for each woman and baby.  If you have some special concerns, like you have a lot of back, shoulder or neck pain and/or pelvic floor issues we suggest the Introductory Private Special ($149 for 3 privates and 1 class).  We will conduct an intake and pay special attention to your specific needs and ideally provide you with some simple homework that you can accomplish at home too. You can also join our classes too. 
  • I had a c-section. When can I return to exercise?

    Generally, after a c-section you can return to exercise in 8 weeks.  However, this is up to you and your health care provider.  Some women have returned sooner and some much later. You can begin with privates or join our classes.  Your abs may feel a little numb from the incision that was made. This numbness will go away with time. But, we have some tips and tricks to get you to feel your abdominals in a safe and effective manner. 
  • Can I bring my baby to class?

    Pre-crawling babies are welcome to pregnancy and post-natal classes.  We suggest bringing your stroller or car seat to place them in.  You are responsible for your baby during class. However, we are all mom’s or mom’s to be so don’t worry if your baby begins to fuss. 
  • I’m worried my baby may cry/feed/need a diaper change during class?

    Don’t worry about it!  This class is for new moms and moms to be.  You can cuddle, feed and change your baby in the studio and/or studio bathroom.  Relax… no judgement.
  • What is diastasis rectii? Why should I care? And what can Pilates do about it?

    Diastasis rectii is the scientific name for the vertical painless splitting of the rectus abdominus muscles (six-pack abs) during pregnancy or birth.  To prevent it avoid forward flexion exercises during pregnancy.  However, no matter what you do you still may get diastasis rectii.  It can be a problem because it creates a weakness in your core and can be execerbated by doing the wrong exercises.  When you come into our post-natal program we will assess your for diastasis rectii show you home exercises to help correct it and give exercises during your sessions to help it heal.