Training Schedule


Part I-V Foundations of Post Rehabilitative Pilates 30 hours 

Workshop I: Foundations and Theory   6 hours

Workshop II: Post-Rehab Pilates:  Sacrum and Lumbar Spine   6 hours

Workshop III: Post-Rehab Pilates:  Cervical Spine and Shoulder Girdle   6 hours

Workshop IV: Post-Rehab Pilates:  Hip/Knee/Ankle/Foot  6 hours

Workshop V: Post-Rehab Pilates:  Disorders, Diseases and Disabilities 6 hours

Programming for Results: All Equipment (PRAE) 12 hours
This course should be called “How to Retain Clients!” Due to popular demand, we created a final programming course to help integrate the exercises on various pieces of equipment. This helps students learn to customize workouts for their clients quickly and accurately. Because all equipment is utilized, students learn how to provide variety for their clients to keep each session interesting and invigorating.

Clients never get bored as they progress at a pace that is right for them. This course empowers students by enabling them to design a variety of “one hour sessions” for a number of case studies and to return to their clients with a new sense of poise, confidence, and renewed energy.
Prerequisite: ABP and APM
While the course will be more beneficial to those students who have taken subsequent equipment courses, the programming tools taught in this course can be used to retain clients in any setting.