Training Pricing



Standard Group = 2-12 Students
Standard Private = 1 Student

Online Training

Online training is a required adjunct to live PAI training. You will receive a one year membership to Pilates Academy International Ultimate Pilates Workouts at the highest level of access which includes unlimited training downloads and manuals plus dozens of pre-made workouts.

Price UPW Public Membership  UPW Student Membership
UPW $259 $100

Begin by purchasing $100 UPW student membership.


 Live Training

Course Group (2+ students) Early Bird 5% (Group)* Private
ABP $499 $475 $630
All Populations I Courses
Mat $1,050 $1,000 $1,430
Reformer $1,700 $1,615 $2,320
Cadillac $1,050 $1,000 $1,395
Chair $590 $560 $805
Barrels $360 $340 $440
All Populations ll Courses
Mat $245 $230 $360
Reformer $605 $575 $955
Cadillac $475 $450 $760
Chair $250 $235 $400
Barrels $195 $180 $315

Auditing a Live Course

Course Fee
Any Course $50 per day

Important Payment Notes

* early bird is due 1 month before training begins

All payments are due in full 14 days before the course begins.

All payments received less than 14 days before the course incur a $50 rush fee.

If only one person sings up for the training  the price changes to the private rate or is postponed.

Begin by paying a $200 deposit.


Manuals Price
Anatomy, Biomechanics and Posture Review (ABP) $24
Trail Guide to the Body 3rd edition $50
All Populations Mat I (APM I) $41
All Populations Mat II (APM II) $30
All Populations Reformer I (APR I) $53
All Populations Reformer II (APR II) $37
All Populations Cadillac I (APCadillac I) $55
All Populations Cadillac II (APCadillac II) $37
All Populations Chair I (APChair I) $48
All Populations Chair II (APChair II) $32
All Populations Barrels I (APBarrels I) $48
All Populations Barrels II (APBarrels II) $27

All Manuals/Materials may be purchased directly at the studio except for Trail Guide to the Body (TGB) 4th edition. TGB will be purchased on your own.

Exams Price
Foundations and APM I Exam: $225
Foundations and APR I Exam: $225
Foundations, APM I and APR I Exam: $250
Cadillac, Chair & Barrels $275
Full Exam (Every Course) $300