Training FAQ & Policies



  • What are the payment deadlines for Teacher Training?

    Payment Deadlines

    Early bird price: 5% discount

    Early bird deadline: One month before the start of the course.

    Full Payment deadline: Two weeks before the start of the course.

    PAI students receive 10% off ALL group classes at Pilates with Anne beginning the day they complete their course payment until one month after the last day of the course.

    Late sign up (within 2 weeks of the start of the course): $50 late sign up fee.

    PAI offers payment plans. Please email anne @ pilateswithanne.com with specific inquiries.

  • Can I audit a course?

    This is a great way to refresh your understanding of previous trainings and material to either prepare for an exam or if you are already have a Pilates Certificate to re-inspire your teaching.  Once you completed any PAI course at Pilates with Anne or any other PAI studio you are allowed to audit any of the upcoming trainings that you attended previously for $50/day.   If you purchased a private training you can audit any of the group trainings for no charge up to one year after you complete the corresponding training.   Please contact the studio in advance.

  • What is your cancellation and transfer policy?

    Cancellation and Transfer Policy

    If a student chooses to withdraw from training outside of two weeks prior to the start date, the course cost will be returned to the student with the exception of the $200 non-refundable deposit. If the student chooses to withdraw from training within the two weeks prior to the start date or after the course begins, no refunds will be given but the payment is transferable.

    If a student chooses to postpone training, the payment is transferable with a $50 transfer fee for 6 months. After 6 months, the payment is transferable for another 6 months with an additional $100 transfer fee. After 1 year, the payment is non- transferable.

    PAI holds the right to cancel a course within 2 weeks notice. In the event of a cancellation, all payments will be returned including the $200 deposit.

  • When can you take your Certificate exam and what are the fees?

    Certificate Exam and Fees

    The student has one year from the last day of the course to take the certificate exam to complete their teacher training. If the student takes longer than a year, a review hour must be scheduled with a certifying instructor at the rate of $107/hr. This hour serves to ensure the student is on track with studying and the information hasn’t been lost throughout the year.

    Exams for every course include a written and practical portion. A score of at least 80% is required to pass the written. The practical is graded as pass/fail.

    The first exam consisting of ABP and the student’s first All Populations l course Exam is $225. All following exams or retakes are $50 per course. If a student takes an All Populations l course exam and the corresponding All Populations ll course exam, the exam fee is $50.

  • What if I cannot make all the course times and dates? Do you have make-up hours?

    Make up Hours

    It is required that students attend every day of training. If a student has a conflict that cannot be resolved and must miss training hours, the student must notify PAI prior to the course. Make up hours must be scheduled with a certifying instructor at $107/hour. (Note that 3 hours of missed group training does not necessarily equal 3 make up hours as a student is often able to go through material faster in a one-on-one setting. The number of review hours will be decided upon by the certifying instructor and the PAI directors).

  • I have a grievance or a complaint. Who do I contact?

    Grievances/ Complaints

    While we hope that everyone has a great experience at PAI, we understand that things happen. You can let us know any concerns or difficulties had by emailing feedback@pilatesonfifth.com. We will get back to you ASAP and your comments will be kept confidential

  • What materials do I need to buy for the course?

    Required Course Materials

    1. Anatomy, Biomechanics and Posture  Trail Guide to the Body Ed. 3rd  is recommended
    2. ABP plus all other course come with a PAI exercise breakdown manual.
    3. Ultimate Pilates Workouts is an online video and manual support library that is required to purchase when you sign up for any All Populations Course.  The cost is $100. You receive an annual subscription to the course. The usual cost is $259. So you receive a savings of $159.00.

    Optional Materials

    Study Flash Cards for the Anatomy Exam




  • Why is Pilates certification important?

    Professional certification, administered by an independent third party, is a cornerstone in any established profession. The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) has created the only psychometrically validated, third party professional certification exam in the Pilates field. The PMA aims to create a critical mass of professionally certified Pilates teachers in order to establish the teaching of Pilates as a profession.

    To achieve certification in the field of Pilates instruction, candidates must first meet eligibility requirements to sit for the exam, and then pass a 150 question multiple-choice examination. The Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) examination has been designed to measure skill and knowledge level based on 450 hours or more of lecture, self-study, apprenticeship and assistant teaching hours.

  • What are the criteria Pilates Academy International meets to be listed on the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Registry of Schools? And why does this matter?

    Pilates is a profession! It has a long history of amazing movement teachers and mentors who spent decades and their lifetime honing the Pilates profession not just a weekend certification course. And that is what makes Pilates so life changing and amazing.  With this is mind it is important to choose a school that honors the Pilates profession. Below are the PMA Criteria to be listed in the Registry of Schools.

    In order to be included in the Registry, schools must meet the following 6 criteria:
    1. The school shall use terms such as ‘‘diploma”, “assessment-based certificate”, or “certificate” to describe the results of their teacher training program, and must not use the word “certification”.
    2. The school must offer a minimum 450-hour comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. (Training must be in person. Online-only programs do not qualify.)
    3. The program must include a practical assessment of movement and teaching skills.
    4. The Program Director must have a minimum of 10 yrs experience teaching Pilates.
    5. The Program Director must be a PMA®-CPT (PMA®Certified Pilates Teacher).
    6. The Program must comply with all applicable business, employment and intellectual property laws, as per PMA Code of Ethics.
  • What are the ethics of a professional Pilates instructor?

    Code of Ethics PMA ®

    Pilates Certified Teachers must abide by the following:

    1.Do no harm.
    2.Teach within your ‘scope of practice’ and give full attention to the comfort and safety of clients at
    all times. (See PMA ‘Scope of Practice’.)
    3.Maintain professional boundaries. The following constitutes improper behavior:
    •Inappropriate physical contact
    •Financial exploitation
    •Sexual exploitation
    4. Maintain client confidentiality.
    5. Direct clients to seek medical attention when necessary.
    6. Do not discriminate against clients or colleagues on any level.
    7. Do not intentionally solicit other Pilates professionals’ clients.
    8. Treat clients and colleagues with respect, truth, fairness, and integrity.
    9. Comply with all applicable business, employment and intellectual
    property laws.
    10. Maintain professional appearance and conduct.
    11. Do not misrepresent skills, training, professional credentials, identity or services.
    12. Continue gaining education to enhance your skills and knowledge, and to provide the highest
    quality services to clients.
    13. Maintain appropriate insurance (liability, studio, content, etc.)
    14.Maintain appropriate teacher: student ratios in all class settings.
  • What is my scope of practice as a professional Pilates instructor?

    Scope of Practice PMA


    Certified Pilates Teachers must work within the scope of practice of a Pilates teacher as outlined below:


    The following is within the scope of practice of a Pilates teacher

    1. Design Pilates exercise programs according to an individual’s needs.

    2. Recognize conditions that would preclude a client from safely participating in a Pilates exercise program.

    3. Coach, provide general information, and direct clients to seek medical attention as necessary.

    4. Receive exercise guidelines and clearance from medical practitioners, when appropriate, to ensure client safety.

    5. Document client progress and cooperate with referring medical practitioners.

    6. Promote exercise to improve overall health.

    7.Request permission to touch clients and observe practice laws within your jurisdiction.

    8. Use appropriate touch to facilitate movement, position the client, and prevent injury or damage.


    The following is beyond the scope of practice of a Pilates teacher


    1.“Prescribing” an exercise program.

    2.“Diagnosing” a client with any medical, mental or physical condition.

    3.Continuing to train a client with a condition that is beyond your knowledge without appropriate medical clearance.

    4.“Prescribing” diets or recommending supplements.

    5. Claiming to “treat” or “rehabilitate” injury or disease.

    6. Monitoring (measuring with instrumentation) the progress of clients referred by therapists or medical practitioners.

    7. Offering counseling.

    8. Claiming to be competent to offer professional education beyond the limits of your credentials.

    9. Applying inappropriate touch.

    10. Continuing to train a client who exhibits any of the following unusual symptoms: e.g. chest pain, prolonged dizziness, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, significant decrease in coordination, loss of consciousness, faintness, nausea, blurred vision, prolonged or increasing pain.

  • How do I become a professional Pilates instructor?

  • To become a professional Pilates instructor you must take a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training. This definition currently includes Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. Taking just Mat or Reformer is not enough to become a fully trained professional Pilates instructor. Once you have sent in proof of coursework completion to the Pilates Method Alliance you can sit for the Pilates Method Alliance Certification Exam. This is the only internationally recognized Certification.