Pilates Teacher Training Educational Director



Educational Director: Anne Bishop, PMA-CPT, Ed.M

Anne Bishop is a true teacher. She loves to teach body awareness and enhance peoples Pilates Teacher Trainingmovement potential through the art and science of Pilates. Since 2006, Anne has trained Pilates Professionals worldwide from Istanbul, Turkey to Petaluma, CA.  Her goal is for you to first embody Pilates, learn to be a teacher, motivator and inspiration to your future students. Anne has always believed strongly in the professionalism of Pilates.  Anne jumped in with two feet into Pilates in 2001 and has never looked back.  She has made a successful career at Pilates, owning a studio, providing teacher training and presenting internationally and nationally. Her passion for Pilates even took her all the way to Harvard University for a Master’s in Mind, Brain and Education.  She applies what she learned in this advanced degree in education to help you be the best Pilates professional you can be.

While at Harvard she had the express intent of understanding how the brain learns and perceives movement and to revolutionize how we teach movement.  She founded Body Brain Connect, a company that is dedicated to using research-based techniques to connect the brain and body.