10 reasons to choose Petaluma Pilates with Anne

Why Choose Petaluma Pilates with Anne

#1 Our students RAVE about us!

Check out our reviews on YELP. Or ask around in town. Chances are our studio name will come up.

#2 Experience

Did you know Pilates with Anne was the first Pilates studio in Petaluma?  We opened our doors in 2002 and we haven’t looked back.  Over the years we have organically expanded and grown while always striving for top quality teachers, equipment and continuing education and instruction.  We have taught well over 10,000 hours.  We have experience working with a vast array of injuries, special conditions and situations.  Everything from chronic pain to getting great posture and toned to walk down the aisle for your wedding.  Every body is unique but with our experience we can help find the nuances of your body and work with you.

# 3 Results

You will get results at our studio.  With our keen eyes and expert instruction you will get results. Student examples include:  getting first place in the nation for fencing, avoiding back surgery, quick recoveries from orthopedic surgeries, pregnant women returning to our pre-natal program for their second and third babies.

#4 Specializations

Although Pilates is itself a wonderful system of exercise. We have received FORMAL training in the following specializations over the years: pilates for children, Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Hendrickson Orthopedic Massage, Chronic Pain and Pilates for Brain Health.  We are also well versed in teaching athletes.

#5 Professional Instructors

We pride ourselves in giving you a professional experience from the moment you walk into the door.  Most of our teachers teach Pilates as their career and take great pride in the path they have chosen.  We have enthusiasm and passion to expand and grow our careers which benefits our students with our continued education and ongoing explorations.

#6 Your Body Education

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Because we pay attention to you.  We teach you about your body and you take this education with for the rest of your life.  With this information, you will less likely have an injury.  Most of our clients comment, “They should teach this in schools.”  And it’s true!  We should all know how our body works.  Learn how to strengthen and stretch your spine through Pilates for a healthy life.

#7 Save Time

We all say we are going to exercise but there is nothing like an appointment to get you to your workout.  Don’t waste your time with a gym membership you may not use.  Get yourself accountable and show up! We will help you meet your personal goals.

#8 Community

Although we don’t disclose our lovely students we have a fabulous community of teachers and students.  At our studio you can choose to work out alone or with small groups. In some of these small groups it is all about focus and fitness and in others we have reconnected old-friends and forged new friendships.  Join us!

#9 We give back to you

We are a small business that gives back to the Petaluma downtown and the community.  Every year we give donations to local non-profits and fundraisers.  If you would like us to donate to your charity please contact us.

#10 Personal Service

Really, its all about you.  How many times in your life is someone really paying attention, deeply to you?  At our studio we do this.  We focus on your needs, your goals and help you reach them.  If something doesn’t feel right tell us.  We will always strive to meet your needs.