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Sign-up for an appointment or class now. Petaluma, Pilates with Anne offers Pilates, Barre and Hendrickson Orthopedic Massage, Breast Cancer Fitness, Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness. You can schedule an appointment or class without prepaying. So sign-up today.

New Student Specials

New Student Specials

At Pilates with Anne we welcome beginners. As Pilates teachers we were once beginners too, and we strive to meet you where your body is now and help you reach your fitness and wellness goals. If you already know Pilates, no problem, as experienced teachers we can give you a challenging work-out from day one.

Body Brain Fitness

Body Brain Fitness

NEW Body Brain Fitness Class debuts Friday, 10am November 4th through December 9th, 2016. Practice a Pilates class that uses four research-based techniques to enhance body and brain fitness. Taught by, Body Brain Connect Founder, Anne Bishop.


Pilates Teacher Training

Pilates Teacher Training

Become a Pilates professional. Since 2006, Pilates with Anne has offered Pilates Academy International (PAI) Teacher Training. This Petaluma Pilates Teacher Training program is a registered school with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Take your Pilates education seriously and study with the best. Classes to choose from include anatomy, Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training and array of Continuing Pilates Education.


Workshops & Continuing Education

Petaluma Pilates with Anne is your premier destination north of San Francisco for innovative Pilates and movement education workshops including: Body Brain Connect, The Center for Womens Fitness, Skillfull Teaching and Mindful Spine.

Online Education

Online Education

Add rocket fuel to your Pilates career. Work with Anne Bishop of Body Brain Connect and Chantill Lopez of Skillful Teaching for an online an in person project-based curriculum beginning fall 2016. Sign up for a FREE Q & A sessions here. Course begins February 2017.

Mindful Spine

Cue to find your living spine

Saturday, November 5th, 2016 12:00-4:00pm "Cue to find your living spine" with Conna-Lee Weinberg, founder of Mindful Spine $180

Why Petaluma Pilates with Anne?

Two reasons:

  • results for your body
  • results for your brain.

Whether you are exercising for the first time or a dedicated athlete, Petaluma Pilates with Anne delivers your fitness needs.

How? Petaluma Pilates with Anne trainers are highly educated and experienced (also fun and unpretentious.)  We hone in quickly on what your body needs and create lasting changes.

  • Due to Anne's patience and extensive training, I feel that I'm closer to physical well being than ever before.
    Kate T.,
  • I have been taking privates regularly for close to 7 years and the transformation in my body and spirit has been exceptional
    Bill Z.,
  • All these classes have given me new confidence with my body and has allowed me to have a balance of strength all over my body instead of one area. I just feel better and happier with myself. Thanks!
    Marci P.M.,
  • Pilates with Anne has been a huge step in a positive direction. I had back surgery and was very limited with my movement and strength when I first started taking privates. Soon I became strong enough to take on duets, then trios and most recently mat class. All instructors have given me a safe stress-free workout where I don't feel pain in my back.  
    Marci P.M.,
  • I have been taking privates regularly from both Anne and Ava for close to 5 years and the transformation in my body and spirit has been exceptional. I find that I have the capability to easily do strenuous tasks because my muscles and body awareness are at a level that I had never experienced before in my 45 years on the planet.
    Bill Z.,
  • …consistently the best in the business, and have unbelievable knowledge of the human form .I am a hairdresser and I have become aware of posture and strengthened the areas that help me stand on my feet 10 hours a day with no pain!
    Kat C.,
  • I have done it all, aerobics, boot-camp, water-fitness, running, hiking, dance, yoga, zumba, etc., Pilates is like home base. Anne's work has helped integrate the relationship between my mind and body, no easy task I might add.
    Kate T.,
  • Pilates with Anne is a highly results-oriented movement studio for the discriminating client. I have tried other Pilates studios in Petaluma, and was disappointed by the lack of trained professionals commitment to their craft. Anne and her team deliver on the promise.
    Nancy G.,
  • Working regularly helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy and afterwards. As a result, I was strong going into my delivery and, happily, was able to get back to Pilates as well as horseback riding pretty soon after having my daughter!

    Kristina K.,
  • Anne is extremely knowledgeable and continues to build on her practice year after year. She has a talent for catering the workout to your needs while emphasizing overall conditioning.
    Lisa H.,
  • The prenatal pilates class with Ava has been such a treat during my pregnancy. Not only is Anne’s is staff knowledgeable about prenatal safety and well being, they also reminded me that I could maintain my strength and flexibility throughout my pregnancy. As a yoga teacher, I have found pilates to be an amazing complement to my daily yoga practice. I look forward to attending class every week!

    Yvette Racine , 1
  • In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.
    Joseph Pilates,
  • The greatest of all pleasures is the pleasure of learning.
  • The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body.
    Joseph H. Pilates,
  • If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.
    Joseph H. Pilates,